Flotrol And Other Bladder Control Treatments

When you lose control or even partial control of your bladder functions, life can be difficult. There are some instant things that your medical professional will likely prescribe for you to do in order to treat the condition. Their goal is to get you back to having normal control over your regular bladder functions. If you haven't spoken to your doctor yet, we highly advise it. However, we do realize that some people may be overly embarrassed to talk to their doctor about incontinence issues. This is where Flotrol can help. You can order this product online without a doctor's prescription so that you can start to treat your incontinence issues from the comfort of your own home. Let's see what else you can do to remedy this loss of bladder control below. 

Scheduled Bathroom Visits – This works by training your bladder to be released on a regular schedule. You want to schedule a bathroom visit every two to four hours throughout the day. This will allow you to void your bladder on a consistent basis.

Double Urination – In people who are suffering from overflow incontinence, this is a course of treatment that is commonly recommended. You want to urinate like normal, then wait a few minutes. Go and urinate again. This will allow you to ensure your bladder gets cleared out on a regular basis so that you're not dealing with any overflow issues.

Bladder Training – When you're dealing with an overactive bladder, it's important that you work on training your bladder. This means actually holding urine in after you get the urge to go to the bathroom. Start with small manageable steps of like five to ten minute holds. This will allow you to, over time, decrease the frequency of your bathroom visit. 

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