Reducing Back Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and precious wonders of life. Having the ability to create another life is incredible, but how easy is it? For most women it might be a smooth ride with just chocolate cravings, but for most ladies they’ll most likely say it's painful and exhausting. Most pregnant women suffer from mood swings, fatigue, constipation, nausea, and the most common is back pain. Back pain during pregnancy happens where the pelvis meets the spine, a couple of reason why it might happen is because of hormones changing, gaining/carrying additional weight, posture changes, and muscle separation.  As the uterus expands, bones move out of place from the twisting and pulling that’s occurring on the ligaments which cause the body to become subluxated and misaligned. The good new is there are ways to help with the back pain, the great new is your baby is growing!

One of the best ways to manage lower back pain is by keeping your pelvic and spine aligned by receiving regular San Deigo Chiropractor adjustments and stretching. Not only does it help with back pain and muscle separation, but it can also prevent intrauterine constraint, a condition that compresses normal movement of the fetus during development and can stop a head down vertex position from happening. Now back pain can also lead to bad posture, carrying the weight can increase the curve in your back and cause the hips to shift and tilt. Lifting and moving things improperly can also cause inflamed low back issues that chiropractic can help with. You can see how having back pain, can cause multiple issues with the body that can lead to a discomfort in labor. Keeping the body subluxation free and seeing a Greater Life Chiropractic can also help with reducing labor and delivery time by having the nervous system functioning at its highest potential and delivering proper support for the baby.