Types Of Lanyard Accessories

Lanyards are a useful contraption that can hold a variety of stuff from mobile phones and keys to any type of cards. They keep your things safe and secure but first you need to be aware that this depends on the different types of lanyard accessories. Lanyard accessories will help make your lanyard more convenient and useful. Whether you want to protect your identification card or hold your keys securely in a place, it will depend on the type of accessory you choose for your lanyard. There are different types of accessories which perform different functions:

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Card Holders: These are a popular and widely used accessory. They are mostly used in transparent plastic holders to carry and display an ID card but they also come in solid plastic.

USB Lanyard: This is a relatively new but very effective and innovative accessory. A clip is attached to your lanyard which when split opened reveals a USB. You can secure importantfiles and keep them with you at all times.

Lanyard Clips: A variety of clips are available depending upon the function and type of item. There are a number of clips including cell phone clips and simple safety clips.   

Reels: a retractable reel or cord is a very useful accessory. They are ideal if you need to display and swipe your badge.

The type of accessory chosen will maximize the benefits of lanyards. They are meant to go around the neck and keep your specific item secure, in place and at a convenient distance so you can access it with ease.